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All-Natrual Herbal Blend Pain Relief Gel Patch

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DR.SINOS ALL-Natrual Herbal Blend Pain Relief Gel Patch, the combination the traditional

eastern royal pain-reliving formula with modern medical technology, is designed to provide up to

20 hours of long-lasting pain relief of muscle pain, backache, joint pain, sour neck & shoulder,

bruises, arthritis, and ligament pain. The herbal extract bend contains seven ingredients:

Angelica Sinensis, Safflower, Mastic, Myrrh, Sanqi, Yanhuso and Borneol which are proven by

Traditional Chinese Medicine Science for their amazing pain-reliving effects. The individually-

wrapped large patches use proprietary analgesic gel-paste formula with flexible water-resistant

fabric, which can be applied to most common areas of muscular pain and accommodate

physical activity.

How To Apply

Dr.Sinos Pain Relief Gel Patch

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